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Pepper Spray Canister YM-G61



  • Containing R-134A, condensed hot pepper, and ground mustard. Legal to use in most of the countries and without the components of anesthetic.
  • The irritating spray to cause people difficulty in breathing, eye watering and coughing badly.
  • With fire-extinguisher feature and without serious harmful effects to human beings.
  • Use a specially designed nozzle, depending on wind directions or environmental factors, the spray range is about 3-5 meters.

Use By

  • Everyone.

User Instructions

  • When loading canister in, please make sure that the red line on the canister is facing upwards.

Important Note

  • Expose to pepper spray by accident, flush affected areas with plenty of cool water as soon as possible.
  • Run away immediately after using.
  • Store in a dry place, Keep it away from the children’s reach.


  • Part number : YM-G61
  • Capacity : 120 c.c.
  • Ingredient : R-134A(90%), pepper concentrate(5%), ground mustard(5%)
  • Dimensions : 14.5cm * 3.5cm
  • Range : 5 meters (work with YM-T61)
  • OEM/ODM welcome