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Pepper Spray w/ Built-in Alarm YM-63A



  • Containing R-134A, condensed hot pepper, and ground mustard. Legal to use in most of the countries and without the components of anesthetic.
  • With built-in 120dB alarm.
  • With fire-extinguisher feature and without serious harmful effects to human beings.
  • Use a specially designed nozzle, depending on wind directions or environmental factors, the spray range is about 3-5 meters.

Use By

  • Everyone.

User Instructions

  • Button A : Start the alarm and call for help immediately.
  • Button B : Point the spray dispenser toward the face of an attacker and press. The irritating mist will make the attacker temporarily incapacitated with difficulty in breathing, eyes watering and coughing badly.

Important Note

  • Expose to pepper spray by accident, flush affected areas with plenty of cool water as soon as possible.
  • Run away immediately after using.
  • Store in a cool dry area away from heat, flame or strong sunlight. Keep it away from the children's reach.
  • Check the battery regularly.
  • Some restrictions of possessing this product may apply to certain countries or states.


  • Part number : YM-63A
  • Dimensions : 10cm * 4.5cm * 2cm
  • Capacity : 18 c.c.
  • Ingredient : R-134A(90%), pepper concentrate(5%), ground mustard(5%)
  • Alarm : 120dB
  • Battery : Number 2, 3A 12V alkaline battery