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Pepper Spray (Pen-Clip) YM-62



  • Contain R-134A, pepper concentrate, and ground mustard. Contain no anesthetic and is environmental friendly.
  • Act as a small fire extinguisher.
  • Use a specially designed nozzle, depending on wind directions or environmental factors, the spray range is about 3-5 meters.
  • Some restrictions of possessing this product may apply to certain countries or states.

Use By

  • Everyone.

User Instructions

  • Pay attention to the wind direction.
  • Point the spray dispenser toward the face of an attacker and press. The irritating mist will make the attacker temporarily incapacitated with difficulty in breathing, eyes watering and coughing badly.

Important Note

  • Expose to pepper spray by accident, flush affected areas with plenty of cool water as soon as possible.
  • Avoid staying in the position of upwind.
  • Spray range is in 3 meters.
  • Hold the bottle firmly when use.


  • Part number : YM-62
  • Capacity : 25 c.c.
  • Net Weight : 27g
  • Gross Weight : 42g
  • Ingredient : R-134A(90%), pepper concentrate(5%), ground mustard(5%)
  • Dimensions : 10cm*2cm
  • Bursts : Approximately 15 shots or continuous discharge for 10-12 sec
  • OEM/ODM welcome