SHARPE Presents Bullet Resistant Products, Electroshock Gears and Sporting and Surveillance Camera Eyewear in Secutech Vietnam 2014


(Taipei Taiwan, 8/11/2014) - Yungyi International is pleased to present our defense and security brand SHARPE with our latest products, bullet-resistance, electroshock gear, sporting and surveillance camera eyewear, etc. to Vietnam customers in "Secutech Vietnam 2014" at booth 527 in SECC.

First, we will be presenting our innovative SHARPE ballistic everyday backpacks compliant with NIJ 0101.04 or the latest NIJ 0101.06 standard. The backpacks come in two styles YH-001 and YT-001. They are designed to be able to equip with either NIJ 0101.04 IIIA or NIJ 0101.06 IIIA ballistic soft panels as standard protection. The IIIA ballistic soft panels for the backpacks are specifically designed to be interchangeable with our ballistic vest back panels. This feature makes SHARPE backpacks suitable for secret agents, law enforcement officers, body guards, security guards, common people, etc. to carry when performing undercover tasks or in everyday lives without compromising comfort and agility. When gun threats are assumed or foreseen and wearing a ballistic vest is mandatory, this ballistic panel can be removed from the SHARPE backpack and put into the SHARPE ballistic vest carrier to become the back panel of the SHARPE ballistic vest.

Besides above unique features, SHARPE ballistic everyday backpacks are carrying another unprecedented design- Pull-Down/Drop-Down Defense mechanism. Applying the mechanism to YT-001 with the optional IIIA soft extended panel can instantly double the protection coverage. Applying that to YH-001 with the optional III/IV hard plate can effectively upgrade the protection level and/or increase the protection coverage. Furthermore, inside SHARPE backpacks, a dedicated compartment is designed for allocating an anti-stab/spike panel to make our backpacks truly multi-functional backpacks.

Second, we will be introducing a renowned ballistic equipment manufacturer, U. S. ARMOR, to Vietnam customers. U. S. Armor is specialized in producing a variety of police and military ballistic gear. U. S. ARMOR "NIJ 0101.06", the latest ballistic body armor standard, certified bullet resistant vests will be introduced. Compared to the previous NIJ 0101.04 standard, ballistic products made according to the latest 0101.06 standard can provide more stable and reliable ballistic performance.

Third, we will be announcing SHARPE stun guns and stun batons in different sizes and power outputs. With high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge and high-pitched alarm features, defenders can scare away villains. And with optional Anti-rubbery function you can better self-defense and prevent yourselves from getting stunned from villains if stun guns or stun batons are taken by robbers, etc.

Last but not least, SHARPE sporting and surveillance camera glasses will also be presented. SHARPE camera glasses are ideal for recording outdoor activities as well as using in everyday life. If you want to catch memorable moments during biking, hiking, fishing, skiing or extreme sports, SHARPE camera glasses are your choices. The camera glasses can also serve as bicycle or motorcycle cameras to record what happens during accidents or unexpected situations. High-end polarized lenses can block out UVA and UVC. These SHARPE stylish and practical camera glasses are for sure a hit of the year.

You are cordially invited to visit us and we look forward to meeting you at booth 527 in Secutech Vietnam 2014 in SECC from Aug 20 to Aug 22.



SHARPE is a brand created in 2013 by two companies, Yungyi International Merchandise Co., Ltd. and Global Merchandise Link Inc., to provide defense and security related products to worldwide customers. 

Global Merchandise Link Inc. (GML) was established in Oct 2006 to facilitate the ever frequent trades between western and eastern countries. Since 2006 GML has built good relationships with worldwide contacts, representatives and/or distribution partners in respective business fields. GML's partners in Asia are specialized in offering electronic components, consumer electronics, defense and security products, and garment-making and -trading. In Jan 2011, GML HCMC Vietnam office was established to further seek opportunities in the ASEAN region. GML's website:

Yungyi International Merchandise Co., Ltd. (YUNGYI) was established in Sept 2009. YUNGYI, besides aforementioned business fields, also offers funeral services to Taiwanese people and provides repatriation services to deceased foreigners in Taiwan. YUNGYI's website:



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