Bullet/Stab/Spike Resistant Backpack YH-001



  • Equipped with NIJ 0101.04 or 0101.06 Level IIIA soft ballistic panel and NIJ 0108.01 or 0101.06 Level III hard ballistic panel being an additional option to increase protection level
  • Good ballistic panel commonality and alternate among SHARPE ballistic backpacks and vests; capable to be used in SHARPE ballistic vests as well as backpacks
  • Unprecedented D.D.D. (Drop-Down Defense) design for theoptional NIJ 0108.01/0101.06 Level III hard ballistic panel to drop down and increase ballistic protection coverage
  • Specific stab/spike resistant panel pocket capable of adding stab/spike panels as an option
  • Custom designs (OEM/ODM) available

Use By

  • Everyone, police, security guards, etc.


  • Net weight: about 1.01 kg
  • Backpack size and main material: W 15.35", H 18.11", D 7.5" +2.16" (±5%); Polyester 600D
  • Hidden soft ballistic panel compartment
  • Hidden stab/spike resistant panel compartment
  • D.D.D./P.D.D. bag (detachable shoulder bag) with ballistic panel straps for holding optional hard ballistic panel (NIJ 0108.01/0101.06 Level III standlone plate). Alternatively it can be used independently as a small handheld ballistic shield. If it's not used as ballistic protection it can be used independently for holding tablet, iPad... .
  • Defense mode handles
  • Padded shoulder straps with adjustable slide buckles
  • Chest straps
  • Waist straps
  • Padded backpanel
  • Top carry handle
  • Inner and outer pockets configuration
  • Large main pocket with maximum space for all essentials
  • Medium-sized middle pocket with organization pouches
  • Padded laptop pouch
  • Front dual zippered compartment for skateboards, other items, or SHARPE NIJ 0108.01/0101.06 Level III ballistic hard panel
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Mesh side pocket
  • Daisy-Chain loops
  • Customization (OEM/ODM) available
  • Standard Equipment (choose one):
    U. S. ARMOR series NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA YUV-601CB, YUV-X01CB
    Made-in-Taiwan NIJ 0101.04 level IIIA YMV-001B
  • Option 1 Rifle Plates (Full Cut about 10"*12") :
    U. S. ARMOR series YUP-112 level III, YUP-312 level IV
    Made-in-Taiwan YMP-001 level III
  • Option 2 Ballistic Vests:
    U. S. ARMOR series YUV-601 ENFORCER 6000 IIIA (Size L, XL)
    U. S. ARMOR series YUV-X01 ENFORCER XP IIIA (Size L, XL)
    Made-in-Taiwan YMV-001 IIIA (Size L)
  • Option 3 SHARPE Stab/Spike Resistant Panel YY-KP1