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Stun Baton T-Bolt YM-515



  • With Philips KPR118 krypton lamp for brighter and excellent illumination.
  • Siren/Alarm to generate high-pitched 120 dB sound to frighten ruffian and act as a call for help.
  • Rapidly stretching baton at a touch of a button to generate (70-100kv) electric shock simultaneously.
  • Engineered A.B.S. plastic for vibration resistance, anti-breaking, and impact resistance. AISI 304 mirror stainless steel plate with good electric conductivity.
  • Compatible with either alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries. (Including a NI-MH rechargeable battery pack and a 8.5V/500-mAh adaptor.)
  • Specially designed battery cover to securely hold the power pack when using.

Use By

  • Law enforcement, security guards, etc.

User Instructions

  • Press the button and the stun baton will extend from 12cm to 30cm . Press the button second time for the electric shock.
  • Use a sharp stick to remove or place batteries.
  • Tri-state switch : Alarm – Flashlight – Off
  • Low current, without causing permanent harm to humans.
  • Work with six AA alkaline batteries or six AA rechargeable batteries alternatively.
  • You can also deliver a jolt to an attacker when the electric shock is off.

Important Note

  • Baton expandable shaft extends powerfully. Please be careful when triggering.
  • Keep out of children’s reach.
  • Tap the top and push the baton shaft in order to retract.
  • Do not use when the baton is wet.


  • Belt holster
  • 6 rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charger x 1
  • Chinese operation manual


  • Part Number : YM-515
  • Alarm : 120dB
  • Power : AC110V & AC220V
  • Material : PC / ABS / Stainless Steel
  • Philips KPR118 krypton lamp
  • Effective Electric Shock Length : 30cm
  • Some restrictions of possessing this product may apply to certain countries or states.